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A boost for Bochum as an innovation location: MEP Dennis Radtke visits Rethink Robotics

Bochum. On July 26, 2021, Rethink Robotics was delighted to welcome MEP Dennis Radtke (CDU) to the company headquarters in Bochum, together with the candidate for the Bundestag Christoph Bußmann (CDU). Together with Rethink’s management team Daniel Bunse and Daniel Otto, the politicians discussed important topics, such as site innovations and the economic development of the city in the Ruhr region after phasing out coal.
The main focus of the conversation with Dennis Radtke and Christoph Bußmann was on strengthening the region in the technological sector. “Turning Bochum into a real technological leader will require us to take action at an early stage in young peoples’ lives,” comments Daniel Otto, Commercial Managing Director at Rethink Robotics. “Our collaborative robot, Sawyer, was built specifically to work together with humans and can be controlled without any prior programming knowledge. I think that using the robot in schools is an excellent opportunity to get future generations interested in STEM subjects. All that is needed now are subsidies.”
Rethink Robotics GmbH is one of the companies that is aiming to turn the Rhine-Ruhr region into a technological innovation center. And the Bochum site wasn’t chosen at random: “There is no other region in Germany with as many universities and colleges in such a small area – here in Bochum, we have access to the best young talents from various sectors,” explains Daniel Bunse, Technical Managing Director at Rethink. The team has grown exponentially this year, increasing from just 15 people last year to over 50 now. And the search for new staff is not over, particularly with new products already in the pipeline.

Company profile:
Rethink Robotics GmbH is a manufacturer of robots and is internationally renowned for its collaborative robot, Sawyer. With their simple integration, intuitive operation and groundbreaking service and support, the flexible cobots from Rethink Robotics ensure an excellent user experience. 
Rethink Robotics Inc. was founded in the USA in 2008. In 2018, the company was taken over by the HAHN Group and turned into Rethink Robotics GmbH. In 2020, the company then moved to Bochum. Daniel Bunse and Daniel Otto took on the roles of Managing Directors in November 2020.