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More durable, quieter, higher quality: Sawyer BLACK Edition

One year after the takeover of the assets by the HAHN Group, Cobot Sawyer's hardware has reached a new level of quality thanks to German engineering and longstanding application experience. The Sawyer BLACK Edition operates quieter than before and has a longer lasting hardware with higher product quality. The Sawyer BLACK Edition can be preordered now; first deliveries will take place in 2019.

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Rethink Robotics Meets German Engineering

As a pioneer in the field of collaborative robotic solutions, Rethink Robotics GmbH is a strong and reliable partner that supports manufacturers of every size and every industry in automating their value chain with an innovative and advanced combination of hardware and software. Sawyer is a flexible, easy to use, high-performing lightweight robot, which was developed specifically to take over precision tasks with an embedded Cognex Vision System. It is controlled by its specially engineered software and operating system Intera, which is meanwhile available in version 5 and continues to be updated. Due to his safe design and the intuitive way to teach him, Sawyer is highly accepted by employees. 

Rethink Robotics is part of the HAHN Group since 2018. As the leading innovator in the development of collaborative robots, Rethink Robotics hereby gains the support of one of the leading networks in the field of automation and robotics.  The strong connection between pioneer spirit and German engineering sets new standards in the development of robot technology. 

Rethink Robotics with its collaborative robot Sawyer stands for:

Easy application


Highly accepted

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