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Our Story

Rethink Robotics stands for continuous development of the company in all its areas. Rethink's company history is characterized by turbulences, ups and downs. We use these experiences to improve ourselves and our products.

Rethink Robotics - part of the HAHN Group

Rethink Robotics GmbH was established in October 2018 when the HAHN Group acquired the assets of Rethink Robotics, Inc., which was originally founded in 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts with the intent of providing manufacturers with innovative automation solutions. The vision of safe, affordable and easily deployed solutions for the collaboration between man and robot was first realized with the introduction of Baxter in 2012 and expanded with its smaller, more flexible successor SawyerTM . The era in which robots were kept behind cages to keep people safe thus came to an end - Rethink Robotics revolutionized the ease of use of robots in research and industry. 

With acquiring Rethink Robotics assets, the HAHN Group enhanced its service offerings for robotic solutions. Thereby, HAHN Group strenghthend its robotic division with Rethink Robotics’ innovative technologies: Next to HAHN Robotics and  HAHN RobShare, Rethink Robotics GmbH  complete HAHN Group´s robotic division and its product and service portfolio. With this step, the US-American robotics pioneer met German Engineering and repositioned itself for the future. Over 30 years of robotic and automation knowledge of the HAHN Group and German Engineering know-how combined with the Rethinks technology for industrial applications will improve the development and generate reliable service offerings for high-quality robotic and cobotic solutions.

Rethink Robotics Partner Day 2019

About the HAHN Group

The HAHN Group is a global network of specialized technology companies for industrial automation and robotic solutions. With its own production sites the Group currently employs approx. 1,400 staff at 28 locations. Well-known customers from the automotive, consumer goods, electronics, healthcare and medical technology industries benefit from the HAHN Group’s 30 years of expertise and automation know-how. With this experience and knowledge in manufacturing, including the integration of collaborative robotics solutions, the HAHN Group is the most successful network of its industry and bundles future-oriented know-how. The HAHN Group is backed up by the oldest German foundation RSBG, the RAG-Stiftung investment company. Learn more about the HAHN Group.

Meet the other members of HAHN Groups robotic division

Next to Rethink Robotics, HAHN Robotics and  HAHN RobShare complete HAHN Group´s robotic division.

HAHN Robotics

HAHN Robotics is specialized in the integration of robotics and delivers HRC solutions in a wide range of applications with smart collaborative robots from i.e. MiR and Rethink Robotics. Furthermore, HAHN Robotics offers as a system integrator feasibility studies and customer-specific applications for successful automation and consults its customers with expertise in all aspects about safety. Headquartered in Reinheim, Germany, the company operates throughout Europe. HAHN Robotics has long term experience with the integration of Sawyer as globally the most successful integrator of Rethinks Robotics Sawyer and Intera. Meet the robot integration and safety experts!

HAHN RobShare

HAHN RobShare offers robot rental solutions. Hiring temporary staff for short- and mid-term projects can be a challenging and cost intense. The collaborative robots rented by HAHN RobShare are experts in repetitive tasks and are easy to put into operation. After a short training period by a cobot specialist they take over dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. Connect with the experts about robot rental.

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