Intera 5

The Intera 5 software platform provides an easy-to-deploy approach to industrial automation. Our software innovation drives manufacturing productivity (download the Product Spec Sheet) around the world. We provide increased functionality and capabilities through frequent software releases for the life of your robot. Smart technology. Wise investment.


Easy to use (really!)


Many vendors call their robots easy to use, but our Intera software platform has a graphical user interface that lets you train the robot, even if you have never written a line of code or programmed a robot before. Using our industry leading train-by-demonstration capabilities, anyone can interact directly with the robot’s arm to easily train tasks.

Intera Studio

Intera features a powerful user interface called Intera Studio that lets users access robot tasks and fine-tune the details of the task from their laptop. Intera Studio gives you the ability to create, modify, and monitor tasks quickly, while getting advanced capabilities to control the robot.


Intera Insights

Intera Insights provides critical production metrics directly on the robot, and can identify production anomalies before they become problems. Key Performance Indicators, such as cycle times and part counts, are accessible on the factory floor in real time. The same customizable data is also fed to Intera Studio, providing visibility to other team members.

Vision: Inside and Out

Sawyer has an embedded Cognex Vision System in the arm that allows the robot to locate objects or inspect for part presence.  This vision system enables the Robot Positioning System (RPS) that looks for changes in the robots environment and automatically responds to work-cell variation. You can also seamlessly integrate external cameras in minutes and drastically reduce typical machine vision integration costs.

Sawyer collaborative robot with embedded and external vision systems.

Rapid Return on Investment

Rethink provides a completely integrated cobot solution: robot arm, Intera software platform, ClickSmart gripper technology, embedded vision, force sensing, and production level metrics in real time.  This integrated approach enables fast deployments and provides a rapid return on investment.

The software behind our cobots allows inexperienced users to become power users.

Your Cobot Solution

With train-by-demonstration software, built-in force sensing, embedded cameras, and a family of gripper kits, Sawyer is a totally integrated cobot solution that’s easy to use and fast to deploy.

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Sawyer working