In 2012, a robot named Baxter fundamentally changed the nature of manufacturing automation. The long-standing idea of robots as caged, complicated and inflexible gave way to a new era of collaboration between workers and machines. The time has come to change that paradigm again.

Introducing Sawyer – the high performance collaborative robot for machine tending, circuit board testing and other precise tasks that are impractical to automate with industrial robots. It’s the latest smart, collaborative robot in the Rethink family – and it’s here to change what’s possible for manufacturers everywhere. Again.

Smart and Collaborative

Robots for the Real World

Our smart, collaborative robots adapt to real-world variability, are agile enough to change applications quickly, and perform tasks like humans do. They’re the perfect fit for many of the 90% of manufacturing tasks that can’t be practically automated today.

Rethink What’s Possible

Our Core Technology Differences

  • Compliant motion control
  • Embedded vision
  • Advanced AI


  • Extensible software platform
  • Safety by inherent design
  • Embedded sensor suite

Integrated Workforce

People and robots working together

It’s the new model for flexible production – people and robots working side by side, doing what each does best.  It’s a proven strategy to maximize resources, gain efficiencies, and provide a competitive advantage for your business.  It’s the future of manufacturing – and it’s up and running today.

Explore Our Products

Explore Our Products

Our groundbreaking technologies are giving people unprecedented access to robots – from manufacturing and production facilities, to classrooms and R&D labs. See what makes our products unlike anything else on the market today.

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

What happens when smart, collaborative robots are deployed into environments where automation was once unfeasible? Plenty. See some of what’s happening today – and imagine the possibilities in your plant.

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