The manufacturing world is changing, and so are its technology requirements.  Flexible automation has become a priority in plants around the world, as companies seek new and cost-effective ways of responding to dynamic customer requirements.

The manufacturing factory of the future is up and running today – in local job shops and global manufacturing giants, and everywhere in between.  Our smart, collaborative robots are leading to a more productive tomorrow. Now’s your chance to be a part of it.

Smart and Collaborative

Robots for the Real World

Our smart, collaborative robots adapt to real-world variability, are agile enough to change applications quickly, and perform tasks like people do. They’re the perfect fit for many of the 90% of manufacturing tasks that can’t be practically automated today.

Cobot Central

News & Views from Around the Industry

There’s so much buzz about this growing collaborative robot industry that we decided to create a resource center full of All Things Collaborative. Check it out and come back regularly for news, blogs, events, and other informative highlights from throughout the space.

Explore Our Products

Explore Our Products

Our groundbreaking technologies are giving people unprecedented access to robots – from manufacturing and production facilities, to classrooms and R&D labs. See what makes our products unlike anything else on the market today.

Applications & Industries

Applications & Industries

What happens when smart, collaborative robots are deployed into environments where automation was once unfeasible? Plenty. See some of what’s happening today – and imagine the possibilities in your plant.

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