The Power of Software

What’s in a name?  For Intera (named to reflect our robots’ interactive user interface), the answer is, plenty.

Intera 3

Intera provides an easy to use graphical user interface that in-house staff can master quickly.  The platform allows Baxter and Sawyer to be trained by demonstration, using context instead of coordinates to enable non-technical personnel to create and modify programs as needed.  It intelligently handles changing environments, while providing an extensible platform that leverages modern tools such as ROS to maximize relevance and flexibility for the modern workforce.

Intera 3 is the latest and by far the most impressive version of our revolutionary software platform, and we continue to improve its capabilities over time with frequent software releases.

Baxter robot with screen interface

Innovate. Improve. Repeat.

When we launched our flagship robot Baxter, we revolutionized the way in which repetitive production tasks could be automated.  Since then, we have continued to build on our own innovation, with incremental improvements to the robot’s performance, capabilities and ease of use — all delivered via the power of the Intera platform.  And with the introduction of Sawyer, we combine forward-thinking hardware with industry-leading software to deliver an unbeatable advantage for customers.

Latest and Greatest: Intera 3.3

The latest version of our software platform for both Baxter and Sawyer is Intera 3.3.  It features a number of important updates over previous versions, and is backwards compatible for all robots sold to date.  We encourage all customers with software subscriptions to upgrade to Intera 3.3 to capitalize on the latest functionality.  Visit our customer wiki for more information about how to upgrade to the latest and greatest release!