Intera 5

Intera 5 is not just the latest release of our revolutionary robotics software platform, it’s a whole new approach to industrial automation and the force behind the world’s fastest-to-deploy robots. Software is your bridge to the world of collaborative robots, and Intera allows anyone to become an expert.

Fastest to Deploy

Intera provides a graphical user interface that enables existing personnel to create and modify robot tasks as needed. Our train- by- demonstration interface is the easiest to use in the industry and has revolutionized how quickly robots can be deployed on factory floors. And we’ve added browser-based Intera Studio, so you can connect a laptop if you need to get into very complex aspects of deploying and redeploying the robot. Get to know Intera by downloading the datasheet here.


Sawyer Collaborative Robot with Intera Software

Redefining Automation

With the introduction of Intera 5, we’ve created the world’s first smart, collaborative robot that can orchestrate key elements of the work cell, opening up new and affordable automation possibilities – helping customers work toward a smart factory, and providing a gateway to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for the first time.

We continue to increase the capabilities of Intera through frequent software releases that increase functionality – not only providing the latest technology, but also enhancing your hardware. Smart technology. Wise investment.