Cobot Video Gallery

Meet the Robots

An introduction to the fastest-to-deploy and easiest-to-use collaborative robots, driving manufacturing automation in factories around the world.

CNC Machine Tending

Optimize production line metrics and improve part quality by employing cobots to tend CNC machines.

Co-Packing & End-of-Line Packaging

Automate monotonous end-of-line packaging jobs, or highly customized and frequently changing co-packing lines.

Metal Stamping & Press Tending

Deploy cobots to metal forming and stamping machines to reduce the chance of worker injury in these dirty and dangerous jobs.

PCB Handling & ICT

Protect delicate parts and fixtures by having force-controlled cobots handle printed circuit boards and other electronics.

Pick & Place

Increase production line efficiency by deploying cobots for the highly repetitive pick and place tasks on the factory floor.

Plastic Injection & Blow Molding

Relieve injection and blow molding machine operators from physically demanding, monotonous work by using cobots.

Testing & Quality Inspection

Maintain high levels of product quality by automating the test and inspection process with collaborative robots.

How Our Robots Work

Visual explanations and demonstrations of how our automation solutions are different from other collaborative robots, and a look at the technology that enables what they do.

Cobots at Work

Our flexible, affordable cobots can help you automate a wide variety of applications - here are a few examples.

ClickSmart Family of Grippers

These plug and play kits greatly reduce the need for costly custom design and enable faster deployment of our smart, collaborative robots.

Research & Education Spotlight

A sample of projects from educational institutions and R&D labs using our collaborative robots.