Our Story

When Rethink Robotics founder Rodney Brooks was producing the Roomba vacuum at iRobot in the 2000s, he saw first-hand how challenging and inefficient the manufacturing process could be, with so many manual processes involved. By the end of that decade, he founded Rethink Robotics with the intent of providing an entirely new type of automation to manufacturers – one that was safe to work next, easily trained by non-engineers, flexible enough to move quickly from job to job and affordable for companies of all sizes.

That vision was realized with the introduction of Baxter® in 2012 when Rethink Robotics ushered in the new age of collaborative robots. Before Baxter, people and robots did not work side by side. Manufacturing robots were kept behind cages, programmed by highly paid specialists and purchased for a single purpose. Rethink changed all of that. For the first time, manufacturers had a cost-effective and easily deployed solution and the market had a new category of automation: collaborative robots.

Rethink Robotics expanded that vision with the introduction of Sawyer™ in 2015, a smaller, faster robot designed for high precision tasks. Best of all, we continue to deliver with frequent releases to our Intera® software and the ClickSmart family of gripper kits.  Our combination of hardware and software enables the easiest train-by-demonstration functionality in the industry and reduces the time it takes to deploy the robots.

Our mission is to help manufacturers around the world automate more than ever before. We’re here to Rethink Robotics and we want to help you rethink what’s possible on your factory floor.