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Where can a smart, collaborative robot find a home?  As it turns out, just about anywhere.  Our robots’ unequalled versatility make them a perfect fit for a wide range of industries and applications.  If you’ve got lightweight parts, repetitive tasks and a process (or ten) in need of automation, we’ve got a robot for you.


What Would You Like to Automate?

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Packing multiple components into specific configurations, fulfilling orders, and prepping packages for display or shipping.

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Packing cases, packaging parts and materials, and stacking layers for many different types of products, containers and configurations.

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Loading & Unloading

Moving parts to/from tables, cases, moving conveyors, fixtures and more; our robots can maintain counts, re-orient parts and place them into position.

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Machine Tending

Tending circuit testers, loading/unloading machines, coordinating with varied cycle times, supporting finishing operations, and other jobs requiring machine interaction.

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Material Handling

Moving raw materials, individual parts and finished assemblies to and from their next destination; can support visual inspections, barcode scans and more.


Success Stories

Our robots are hard at work in companies large and small, across varied industries including electronics, plastics, contract manufacturing/packaging, automotive, metal fabrication, consumer goods and many more.   Who knows?  The next great success story might just be yours.