Plastics Factory Automation

Injected molded plastics are in so many products we use every day. The lightweight nature of parts makes them a great fit for our smart, collaborative robots (cobots). From loading and unloading injection molding machines, to kitting plastic components, to packaging finished parts into blister packs, to packing containers for shipping, one thing is certain – our cobots give you the ability to automate almost anything.

Cobots Provide Labor Solution for Plastics Blow Molding Manufacturer

Plastics manufacturers are all too familiar with the struggle to fill the dull, repetitive jobs that tend to drive most people away within their first shift. However, those same tasks – such as packing plastic bottles into a container – are a perfect match for collaborative robots, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And with an ROI in a matter of months, it’s a manufacturing automation solution that just makes sense.

Plastics Manufacturer Boosts Efficiency and Drives Growth

Picking parts from a press and then placing them in a CNC machine is tedious work. Doing that hour after hour, while also counting the parts to fill a box with the proper amount is a recipe for human error. Cobots are an ideal fit for these repetitive, dull tasks so common in plastics manufacturing.

Injection Molder Increases Throughput

The degating operation of the plastic injection molding process is a monotonous and repetitive task for a human worker, one that often ends up with part quality issues or potentially repetitive stress injuries for employees. Sawyer is a perfect automation solution for this kind of job, and can help increase output while at the same time, improve part quality.

Injection Molder Achieves Quick ROI

Once plastic parts are formed by an injection molder, the next step in the production process often involves a CNC machine. But finding the labor to pick parts and precisely place them in a CNC machine for three shifts a day, five days per week, can be impossible. Our cobot Sawyer can handle the parts all day, and it can pay for itself in just a few months.

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