General Manufacturing

Many manufacturers are affected by seasonal activity and variability in customer demand. Ramping labor up and down is not unusual, but it can be hard to staff and even harder to remain competitive. Our smart, collaborative robots (cobots) are so easy to deploy, they can manage demand peaks, third shift and seasonal requirements across many different lines.

Small Manufacturer Shortens Supply Chain

Automation used to be accessible only to very large manufacturers using big expensive robots to execute the same task over and over again for months. But now our smart collaborative robots are affordable and adaptable enough for small, family run businesses, allowing them to increase quality, reduce reliance on third party suppliers and remain competitive.

Furniture Manufacturer Fills Labor Gap

Many manufacturers deal with demand seasonality.  When educational institutions are a part of your customer base, staffing for back-to-school deadlines can be very challenging.  Sawyer is an adaptable automation solution that can adapt to the ebbs and flows of production runs, and reduce the risk of downtime.

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