Electronics Manufacturing

Unlike other collaborative robots, Rethink’s cobots with built in force sensing are perfectly suited for the delicate work of handling electronic components, protecting fragile parts and expensive fixtures. Sawyer is easy to drop into an existing environment and fast to deploy, making it a cost-effective, high performance automation tool for PCB handling and ICT.

Electronic Component Manufacturer Increases Production Output

The testing of circuit board assemblies – separating the “good ones” from the “bad ones” – is a mindless, but critical job that is often difficult to staff. Sawyer, with high resolution force control to protect parts that could easily be damaged, is an ideal automation solution to keep production going.

Electronics Manufacturer Improves Quality and Increases Output

In-circuit testing (ICT) is a pretty simple process (insert circuit board, start test run, sort boards based on test results), but it can quickly become a bottleneck, taking employee’s time that could be spent on more complex steps in the electronic manufacturing process. Sawyer, with high resolution force control to protect delicate parts, is an ideal automation solution to increase output.

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