university of sydney using baxter to teach mechatronics…can you spell that?

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A few months ago we ran a video contest to spotlight the amazing work being done by the research and education community with their Baxter robots. In the end, Brown University came away with the grand prize. But the decision was not an easy one to make for our panel of judges.

One of the finalists included the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney. The school’s Raymond Kirby Teaching Lab is using Baxter to teach mechatronic engineering students how to program robots for industrial and human interactive tasks. The school also includes Baxter as a key part of their summer school, aimed at introducing kids to STEM activities and education.

Take a look at the team’s entry above to see how they’re doing this and much more with their Baxter robot. Then check out which other research and education institutions made it into the top ten.



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