solving rubik’s cube, baxter-style

in rethinking robotics by Eric Foellmer

As someone who grew up in the 1970s, I was among the millions of American kids who were fascinated by the Rubik’s cube.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that I was never able to solve it.  (Hey, I knew even then that an engineering career was not in my future, and in my defense, I didn’t have the benefit of 2 dozen instructional YouTube videos on the topic!)

So when I saw this video posted by Rethink Robotics’ UK distributor Active Robots showing Baxter solving a Rubik’s cube, I was blown away.  As Rethink’s ‘Marketing Guy’ for the past year and a half, I’ve seen the Baxter robot do some amazing things and solve some tough challenges for customers, but this was definitely a first.  So kudos to Active for a pretty creative idea, not to mention a pretty cool software program, that helped me make a 20th century toy interesting for my 21st century kids.


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Eric Foellmer

As Rethink Robotics’ Manager of Product Marketing and Marketing Communications, Eric’s job is to tell the company's remarkable story to the world – through our website, sales tools, videos, and the many events where Baxter and Sawyer are featured. When he’s not hanging out with robots, he enjoys hanging out with his family, surfing iTunes, playing golf or watching the Red Sox.

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