Intera software makes our cobots smart, simple to use and very capable

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Rethink's cobots recognize ClickSmart grippers and know how to control them, thanks to Intera software.

If you think of some of the most powerful technologies, from consumer products like the iPhone to industrial CAD software like SolidWorks, the most widely adopted and frequently used are those that are the simplest to operate, while still offering the same capabilities as the competition. These easy-to-use technologies allow inexperienced users to become power users and power users to exponentially grow their capabilities.

Was ist ein kollaborativer Roboter?

At Rethink Robotics it’s our software-first approach that is driving the new wave of smart, adaptable factory automation. Our Intera software platform is the backbone of our cobots and what drives the benefits manufacturers get from Sawyer. It’s as simple as that – software that amplifies the value of hardware for users of any skill level.

Intera is the software behind the hardware powering our cobots.

Here’s a small sample of that value and why this software is so powerful:

  • Allows the user to either train the robot by demonstration or create tasks via a laptop using an intuitive behavior tree model – no coding required!
  • Lets manufacturing personnel without any programming experience deploy robots rapidly, and is also incredibly useful and familiar for automation veterans – keeps simple things simple and makes complex things possible.
  • Works with the embedded Cognex Vision System to quickly enable vision guided actions, inspections, and robot re-registration to the workcell – flexibly move your robot from task to task.
  • Recognizes ClickSmart grippers and knows how to control them, regardless of which robot was used to configure them – use the same gripper on multiple robots.
  • Makes coordination and control of the entire workcell possible from a single robot – use the same software and controller to automate everything.

Intera powers our cobots, making coordination and control of the entire workcell possible from a single robot.

As a Product Manager, I love solving customer problems. And these problems are constantly evolving, especially as our customers use our products for more and more applications. Therefore, the software needs to be updated frequently, and with each update Sawyer becomes smarter, faster and more productive.

Intera software allows the user to either train Sawyer cobots by demonstration or create tasks via a laptop.

That’s why our smart, collaborative robots are so much more than a piece of hardware. They’re industrial automation tools that provide more value with every software release and turn manufacturing professionals into power users. So this becomes not only a smart investment in technology, but a wise investment in the human workforce.

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Carl has a long record of working in all aspects of manufacturing across many industries - from setting up automated lines to owning his own CNC machine shop. Now he works as a Product Manager on both the Hardware and Software sides of the smart collaborative robotics space and loves his job! He has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering, MS in Information Systems, and an MBA.

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Steve Reynolds November 9, 2017 at 6:12 pm

Great blog article Carl. Glad to hear all of your thoughts and ideas

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