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It was in Material Science class that Ben Pouladian first became aware of the major paradigm shift happening in the lighting industry with the advancement of LED technology, and he was intrigued. Ben decided to put his degree in electrical engineering to work with the goal of helping companies and municipalities achieve energy efficiency.

So Ben founded Deco Lighting with his cousin, Sam. But they had greater aspirations than just energy savings for their customers.  They also wanted to keep design and manufacturing in California – quite a challenge when competing with low cost imports and employing a local workforce not considered technology savvy.

As lighting technology continued to evolve, adding data collection and asset tracking, lighting was becoming “smart”. At the same time, customers were demanding more customized configurations. And the market demand was growing rapidly.  How to scale their business in California?

They needed to innovate. They needed easy-to-use advanced robotic technology solutions.  They needed to automate repetitive labor tasks, get orders out on time and maintain quality.

They found Sawyer, the smart, collaborative robot.

As Deco designs their products of the future, Sawyer’s task is to optimize their flexible manufacturing processes by working in a “lights out” scenario overnight, to keep production running during off hours. By introducing Sawyer into this process, Deco Lighting hopes to reduce assembly time on its products from about an hour per unit to less than five minutes.

To see how other manufacturers are using collaborative robots on the factory floor, take a look at the Rethink Robotics video gallery. And for more headlines, videos and news about collaborative robots and automation, drop by Cobot Central.


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