the latest application for smart, collaborative robots: haircutting

in rethinking robotics by Jeff Green

You might remember the Flowbee hair cutting vacuum device from commercials back in the late 1980s. It took the barber out of the equation and made home haircuts an affordable reality.

We’ve come up with a new concept to disrupt the hair styling market once again, this time through our smart, collaborative robots. With Snips by Sawyer barbershops will never be the same.

And coming soon: the location-based Snippr app will bring the nearest Sawyer snipping mobile unit directly to you. Save time. Book your bot. Improve your style. And enjoy the latest in collaborative hair clipping technology with Snips by Sawyer.

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I'm Jeff Green, senior content and social media strategist at Rethink Robotics. When I'm not socializing Sawyer and Baxter, our smart, collaborative robots, I'm usually caught up in the home tornado, also known as my three kids. Love them, my wife, old-school Chinese food, movies, and of course game-changing technology.

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