what are collaborative robots and where are they headed?

in rethinking robotics by Jeff Green

Picture a hulking robot welding a section of an automobile on an assembly line. That’s the type of automation equipment common in factories for decades. The differences between these traditional, industrial robots and the newer smart, collaborative robots are significant. The former are unsafe for people to work near, expensive and difficult to program, and to this day are not able to do 90% of manufacturing tasks practically or economically. Enter the cobot.

“Now that we have collaborative robots we have the ability to put them in positions that we never could do before. So we’re going to see a tremendous increase in the number of robots that are in all of our factories over the next decade or so.”

– Jim Lawton, Rethink Robotics’ Chief Product and Marketing Officer, on the role smart, collaborative robots play in innovation today and the factories of tomorrow.

Watch the two minute clip above and hear what else Jim has to say, at the most recent Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. And for more headlines, videos and news about collaborative robots and manufacturing automation, check out the rest of the Rethink Robotics blog or drop by Cobot Central.



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