robot recap: the amazing pace and u.s. vs. china on the factory floor

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In China, robotics are progressing according to plan. From the home front to the factory floor, the appetite for robots working with and helping humans has skyrocketed and is expected to increase tremendously in 2016. “China’s electronics industry, including the makers of smartphones and tablets, are also gobbling up robots at an amazing pace.” Check out the rest of The Robot Report for stats and forecasts from the IFR.

U.S. manufacturing may depend on automation to survive and prosper. And according to the Brookings Institution, “Although the revolution in manufacturing is underway and its fate is largely in the hands of the private sector, the policy environment can help speed it up and make sure the broad economy benefits.” That, along with the adoption of technology on the factory floor can change the game, making the U.S. a competitor among manufacturing players around the globe.

ICYMI, we had a fantastic field of entries in our inaugural Rethink Robotics Video Challenge. Contestants represented their schools and organizations around the globe, with video submissions coming from 19 different countries. Our panel of judges had their work cut out, having to select only one grand prize winner to receive a Baxter collaborative robot. All 60 plus videos deserve a nod, but for now, check out the ten finalists’ videos and stay tuned in the new year as we spotlight their incredible work from the fields of research and education.

As the year comes to an end, we want to take this opportunity to thank our customers around the globe for their interest in collaborative robots and making a difference in the factory of the future, and to everyone who joins in on the manufacturing automation conversation on social media. In the spirit of the season, here’s a throwback to a Baxter and Santa collaboration.

On that note, best wishes for a terrific year ahead from all of us at Rethink Robotics.

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I'm Jeff Green, senior content and social media strategist at Rethink Robotics. When I'm not socializing Sawyer and Baxter, our smart, collaborative robots, I'm usually caught up in the home tornado, also known as my three kids. Love them, my wife, old-school Chinese food, movies, and of course game-changing technology.

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Mike March 1, 2016 at 7:57 am

Hey Jeff, nice post. Baxter sure looks awesome for freeing up your skilled people. Working at an electronics store I have recently had a few people ask me what we will do when the robots take our jobs. Now I know I can just tell them robots won’t take their jobs, just help them to achieve more, faster. From my own perspective I believe the possibilities are limitless and it is up to us to decide our own fate. Arduino ftw. Robotics forever. Love your blog, love your work. Go hard. Mike.

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