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Before we start it all over again on Monday, let’s hit the rewind button and replay a few headlines on collaborative robots and the future of manufacturing.

  • PwC looked at the future of robotics, forecasting service robots as the next big productivity platform. “Five years ago, you would have needed to write all of your own software from scratch. Now, if you have an idea for what a robot could do in some entrepreneurial way, you have a much better starting point and a much larger community upon which to rely,” says Brian Gerkey of the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF). For more on what PwC predicts for the future of robotics, check out the rest of their technology forecast.
  • Roland Menassa of General Electric was interviewed by our own Jim Lawton earlier this week on Forbes. Take a look at what the head of GE’s Advanced Technology Center had to say about manufacturing and collaborative robots.
  • Anna Solana of ZDNet had this to report on the topic of artificial intelligence: “…common sense reasoning is still a challenge in AI research. Grasping what we can and can’t do may be obvious to humans, but not so to machines.” Get the full ZDNet download here.

That’s it for this edition. Now it’s time to cruise on into another summer weekend.

Rethinkers Carl, Sawyer and Nate out for a joy ride..

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