robot recap: broken records, trendy bots and a crime scene

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According to the Robotics Industries Association, it was a record-setting first half of 2015 for the North American robotics market, with well over 14,000 robots ordered. Growth was fueled by demand for robots used in coating/dispensing and material handling applications. “RIA estimates that some 232,000 robots are now at use in United States factories, placing the US second only to Japan in robot use.”

As the Chinese government pushes its ‘China Manufacturing 2025’ plan to solve for “a rapidly aging population along with serious worker shortages and rising labor costs,” U.S. robotics companies may be in a position to play a key role. Read more on that in Robots Get Real and Trendy in China.

On a lighter note, but creating a serious amount of buzz, was the reported destruction of hitchBot, the hitch hiking robot from Canada. The device was created by researchers as an experiment to determine whether or not robots can trust humans. Now it appears a video of the robot hate crime may have been a hoax – but the damage is real.

hitchBOT at home with its research team in Port Credit, Ontario.

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