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in robots in education by Mandy Dwight

Since the 2016 Oscar nominations aren’t out just yet, perhaps there’s still time to squeeze in a new category: best supporting robot. So, if you have an in with the Academy, please pass the following along.

We had a fantastic turnout in our first Rethink Robotics Video Challenge, with contestants competing for a chance to win a new Baxter robot. Here’s a quick rundown of how it played out:

  • 90 written entries from 19 countries around the globe were submitted in the first round
  • Over 60 videos were created by our semi-finalists
  • 10 videos were selected as finalists
  • The winner was determined by a panel of 5 judges
    • Rodney Brooks of Rethink Robotics
    • Lance Ulanoff, chief correspondent and editor-at-large of Mashable
    • Erico Guizzo, senior editor at IEEE Spectrum
    • Steve Taub, senior director, advanced manufacturing at GE Ventures
    • Devdutt Yellurkar, general partner at CRV
  • Brown University’s Humans to Robots Lab is the grand prize winner

Thank you to all participants for showcasing your incredible work with collaborative robots in the worlds of research and education. And congratulations to all ten semi-finalists, whose videos can be seen on our virtual red carpet in the Rethink Robotics video gallery.

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Mandy Dwight

Mandy is an educator who as a kid always wanted a robot that “did something cool.” In working with the education community at Rethink Robotics, she gets to see robots “be cool” every day, in the labs and classrooms of the academics and research communities. When not talking robots, she’s out exploring, searching for amazing things in the world: food, beaches, and new cities through travel.

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