old school factory meets new school collaborative robots

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Established in 1939, Standby Screw Machine Products is “an old school company with old school mentalities,” explains owner and COO Bill Marcell who’s “trying to break that mentality and get people to understand the need for automation.”

The Berea, OH facility has two Baxter robots on duty. One is packing two boxes simultaneously with all the parts that come through that cell, in which “we produce roughly 700,000 a year.”

The other Baxter is running an auto-fed milling machine, and in 2014 the company spent approximately 2,000 man hours on that operation. As for ROI Marcell says, “This year we’re hoping to cut that in half or by a third, and move that packing person on to something that’s better suited for human labor.”

To see other examples of collaborative robots on the job at customer sites, visit our video gallery. And get more information about Baxter and Sawyer over here.



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