mobile robots, drones and more: a look back at what’s hot at iros 2016

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Members of the Rethink Robotics team, flanked by a representative from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) on the far right, and HUBO robot, winner of the 2015 DARPA robotics challenge.

IROS (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) recently drew a crowd of around 2,000 researchers to Daejeon, South Korea. The Rethink Robotics Research and Education Team was on site and spotted a few cool things that we’re really excited about.

Exoskeletons: Here’s our own Ian McMahon posing in front of Hyundai’s robotic exoskeleton suits. Research with exoskeletons can change how people work allowing them to lift or carry more or increase mobility for the elderly.

Rethinker Ian McMahon from our Sawyer SDK team, in front of Hyundai's exoskeleton suits.

Robots with Open Source Software that Operate on ROS: Many researchers prefer to use robotic platforms that have ROS based APIs making it easier for different types of robots and systems to work together. Here’s the Clearpath Robotics Team which has used ROS to seamlessly integrate their Ridgeback Mobile Base with our own Baxter Robot.

Collaborative robot Baxter is mobile thanks to Clearpath Robotics' Ridgeback mobile platform. Clearpath has a number of mobile solutions for a variety of robots.

Challenges:  Research teams attended IROS to participate in a series of challenges in robotic grasping and manipulation and autonomous drone flying.  These challenges present researchers with the opportunity to solve real problems facing the industry.

Sawyer with SDK releases for the first time: We were thrilled to show off our newest robot Sawyer for the first time to the research community. Our SDK team presented two hands-on demonstrations in which booth visitors could visualize the force on the torque springs of Sawyer’s 7 degree of freedom arm and use RViz to observe how the cobot can view its own robot model, as well as objects in the view of its head camera.

A crowd gather around the Rethink Robotics booth to get a glimpse of our Sawyer robots for research and education.

Rethinker Shiwei Wang takes Sawyer for a test drive as she shifts the robot into zero gravity mode. Visitors to the Rethink Robotics booth got some hands-on time with the smart, collaborative robots.

A view from Sawyer's head camera.

Next up: watch Ian McMahon, lead SDK developer at Rethink Robotics, as he introduces Sawyer for Research and Education.


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