manufacturing automation in the sunshine state with collaborative robots

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They’re certainly not there for the vitamin D. And they have no interest in the Jaguars football scene or taking in a Grapefruit League baseball game. But they are there to work.

In Jacksonville, FL Stenner Pump Company leverages their Baxter collaborative robot in its manufacturing plant to increase flexibility and productivity, allowing for quicker product development and delivery.

“The efficiency of our pump manufacturing process allows us to maintain a three day lead time and 98 percent on-time delivery for our customers,” explained Dennis Neibrook, Stenner Pump’s director of engineering. “As the software upgrades were implemented with Baxter, we found that we could do more and more difficult tasks with it. We’ve put it recently into the production cell where we’re using both arms simultaneously.”

At Stenner, Baxter uses one arm to package and place finished parts from an injection molding machine into a bagging machine for final production. With its other arm Baxter performs a three-step machine tending and assembly.

While humans can certainly get these dull, boring jobs done, cobots free people up for more interesting and desirable functions. No, not a round of golf or a trip to a spring training ball game.  But work that’s more fulfilling, strategic and valuable to the organization.

“The future is here,” added product engineer Jesse Rochelle. “Whenever you tell people you work with robots, this is what they envision. And now it’s here. It’s what everyone’s been waiting on.”

To see other examples of the factory of the future today, watch Baxter and Sawyer on the job at customer sites in our video gallery. And for more information on our family of smart, collaborative robots, visit


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