furniture manufacturer shelves labor shortage with a Sawyer collaborative robot

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“We have many operations here that require repetitive work that is very difficult to keep someone positioned at.” – Deb Rydell, Operations VP at Moduform

Moduform, a furniture manufacturer in Fitchburg, MA, has deployed a smart, collaborative robot to take on tedious work and fill a labor gap.

Moduform is a family-owned institutional furniture manufacturer with customers including college campuses, healthcare facilities, military bases, and detention centers. Facing difficulties finding and retaining labor to handle tedious work and fluctuating demands, the Fitchburg, MA company sought out an affordable automation solution and found that in a smart, collaborative robot.

Sawyer collaborative robot working at Moduform, a furniture manufacturer in Fitchburg, MA.

“I think that automation is going to change the business because it will allow us to be more competitive. We’re not looking at all to replace people. We’re looking to do the jobs more efficiently. Sawyer, and what it is delivering to us in efficiencies, is second to none.” – Josh Weissman, CEO

Hear more from Josh and Deb, and take a look at what their Sawyer cobot is working on in the video above. Then get more details on Moduform’s labor challenge, experience and results in this profile.



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