who is leading the race to deploy collaborative robots?

in rethinking robotics by Jim Lawton

In the previous video entry of my Supply Chain Insights Global Summit series, I discussed the capabilities of collaborative robots, which go far beyond the typical pick and place or machine tending tasks that are normally associated with this type of advanced manufacturing tool. Now let’s look at who’s leading the pack in terms of cobot deployments, the program driving this surge in the adoption of industrial automation solutions and the country that’s incentivizing the sprint to not only lead, but win the race, through government subsidies.

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Jim had a choice upon graduating from Tufts University – chase a dream as a concert pianist or become part of the inaugural Leaders for Manufacturing Program at MIT. He chose the latter– dedicating his career to developing and delivering innovative solutions that improve the business of manufacturing. Internally at HP, and then at breakthrough start-ups in e-commerce, inventory optimization and supply chain risk management, Jim’s never once looked back. His charter today: capture the power of data and analytics to push the standard for world-class manufacturing higher—once again.

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