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in rethinking robotics by Brian Benoit

Intera 5 software for our smart, collaborative robot, Sawyer.

It’s with great excitement that we launch our game changing software platform for Sawyer, Intera 5.  Here at Rethink, we’ve always been obsessed with delivering the fastest-to-deploy robots in the collaborative robot space, and Intera 5 allows our customers to integrate their robots even faster.  We’ve focused our efforts on exposing some of the more advanced features for Sawyer, including force behaviors and vision, in an easy to use interface.

As before, you can train the robot using the on-robot interface.  We have maintained the train by demonstration functionality that has allowed our customers to deploy Rethink robots without making drastic changes to the work cell.  With the introduction of Intera 5, you can also connect to a laptop, and run the browser based Intera Studio to get into the more complex aspects of training, deploying and redeploying your robots.

With Intera 5, we’ve added some key new functionality to our two most important features – Embedded Vision and Force. Check out this video to see some of these new features in action.  Along with the new capabilities you see in the video, we’ve also added the ability to do the following:


  • Dynamic Robot Positioning System (RPS) – checks for landmarks as part of the task
  • Static pick
  • Moving pick
  • Place in empty spot for both static and moving
  • Part presence (inspection) – output is pass/fail


  • Pick/place on contact
  • Pick/place with specified force
  • Force as an input (push left and do X, push right and do Y)
  • Force based behaviors (move until you feel a force, then change the behavior)
  • Set stiffness for specified planes

Bottom line, Intera 5 allows you to do more with Sawyer than ever before, and we’re expecting manufacturers of all sizes to start expanding how and where smart, collaborative robots can be used, paving the way for your factory of the future.

To see how manufacturers of all sizes are using smart, collaborative robots with Intera on the factory floor, take a look at the Rethink Robotics video gallery. And for more headlines, videos and news about collaborative robots and automation, drop by Cobot Central.


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Brian Benoit

Brian is new to the world of robotics, but since watching Short Circuit in ‘86 has been obsessed with finding a robot best friend. Baxter is that robot. Working with the brilliant researchers on the Baxter Research Robot has taught him that we are only just scratching the surface on showing off what a compliant and collaborative robot can do.

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Fred Simkin February 15, 2017 at 10:35 pm

Absolutely fantastic!

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