Intera 5.2 is bringing the right data, when and where you need it

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Intera Insights via our smart collaborative robots are easy to access for engineers and plant managers.

Manufacturers have long sought access to performance metrics that let them know how productive they are and how to improve efficiency. Despite its importance, data has traditionally been difficult to harvest; If it’s collected at all, it’s typically done manually or through a standalone system, making it difficult to analyze and respond to quickly. In any case, it requires a certain level of expertise (to automate data collection and/or analyze the data) that creates a source of friction for most.

When we developed this feature, we came to the realization that the customers in this particular case were Manufacturing, Automation, and Quality Engineers, as well as Line and Plant Managers for companies of all sizes. We needed to come up with a solution that would be useful to all of these customers and that could be switched quickly in order to help address the specific needs of each, regardless of the problem they were trying to solve or when they wanted to solve it.

Keeping with our philosophy of making simple things simple, and complex things possible, we have developed Intera Insights which displays KPIs directly on the robot screen. This makes crucial data accessible on the factory floor in real time, and enables all of our customers to make informed decisions on the spot. Whether you want to display cycle time, part count, Tool Center Point (TCP) speed on the X axis, the current vacuum level of your gripper, or the current force being sensed on the tool plate in the Z axis (among many others) along with their relevant statistics, there is no level of expertise required for selecting which metrics to display and these can be easily switched depending on the needs of the factory.

To fully appreciate the benefits gained with Intera Insights, you have to see it in action, which is easy since it will ship with Intera 5.2 to all Sawyer collaborative robots.

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Carl Palme

Carl has a long record of working in all aspects of manufacturing across many industries - from setting up automated lines to owning his own CNC machine shop. Now he works as a Product Manager on both the Hardware and Software sides of the smart collaborative robotics space and loves his job! He has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering, MS in Information Systems, and an MBA.

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