got a minute? let’s rethink robot programming

in rethinking robotics by Eric Foellmer

Historically, the time, expense and expertise required to program a robot has been too significant to justify their use in the vast majority of manufacturing applications.  But Rethink’s smart, collaborative robots are different, enabling non-engineering personnel to train meaningful tasks with very little instruction.

In today’s ‘Got a Minute?’ video blog, we challenge the long-standing idea that robots are difficult to program and operate.  In the minute it takes to watch this video, you’ll learn the basics of training the easiest to use collaborative robot on the market.

Give us a minute – and we’ll give you a new way of looking at what’s possible in automation.

To see more from our ‘Got a Minute’ series, watch Let’s Rethink Manufacturing.

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Eric Foellmer

As Rethink Robotics’ Manager of Product Marketing and Marketing Communications, Eric’s job is to tell the company's remarkable story to the world – through our website, sales tools, videos, and the many events where Baxter and Sawyer are featured. When he’s not hanging out with robots, he enjoys hanging out with his family, surfing iTunes, playing golf or watching the Red Sox.

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Maddison Watson January 19, 2018 at 6:06 am

Robot programming is not that much difficult as it looks. But it is not as simple as I think. I have been learning programming languages C & C++ and looking forward to learn the easiest language to program a robot. Thanks for sharing this video, it is informative.

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