got a minute? let’s rethink manufacturing

in rethinking robotics by Eric Foellmer

Sometimes, a minute is all it takes to change your perspective or learn something new.  So this summer, Rethink is introducing a new “mini” series of one-minute video blogs designed to take a fresh look at what’s possible in manufacturing and automation.  In our first installment, Let’s Rethink Manufacturing, we challenge the perception that low-volume, high-mix applications can’t be automated effectively.

Give us a minute – and we’ll give you a new way of looking at your business.

For more insight from Eric on manufacturing automation solutions, take a look at “Flexible Is the New Fast: How Collaborative Robots Are Redefining Automation.”


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Eric Foellmer

As Rethink Robotics’ Manager of Product Marketing and Marketing Communications, Eric’s job is to tell the company's remarkable story to the world – through our website, sales tools, videos, and the many events where Baxter and Sawyer are featured. When he’s not hanging out with robots, he enjoys hanging out with his family, surfing iTunes, playing golf or watching the Red Sox.

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