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in rethinking robotics by Eric Foellmer

These days, the term “flexibility” has become quite a popular buzzword throughout the robotics industry.  Just as so many suppliers began calling their solutions collaborative, many are now promoting themselves as being highly flexible.

Don’t get me wrong – compared to the lengthy (and costly) programming and implementation efforts required for conventional robots, most of those solutions are indeed quite flexible.  But as you would expect, Rethink has its own unique perspective on what defines flexibility on the manufacturing floor.

In today’s ‘Got a Minute?’ video blog, we provide a glimpse of what a truly flexible automation solution looks like.  (Hint: in the time it takes you to watch the video, you could have redeployed your Baxter using our Robot Positioning System after an unexpected shift in your workspace.)

Give us a minute – and we’ll give you a new way of looking at what’s possible in automation.

To see more from our ‘Got a Minute’ series, watch Let’s Rethink Manufacturing.


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Eric Foellmer

As Rethink Robotics’ Manager of Product Marketing and Marketing Communications, Eric’s job is to tell the company's remarkable story to the world – through our website, sales tools, videos, and the many events where Baxter and Sawyer are featured. When he’s not hanging out with robots, he enjoys hanging out with his family, surfing iTunes, playing golf or watching the Red Sox.

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Vishal Coodye September 21, 2015 at 7:45 am

Hi Rethink,
I think you are doing a pretty fantastic job with Baxter. I sincerely believe RPS is the future of industrial revolution. Having dedicated my entire life in writing softwares and finding new ways to enhance Robotics, I have wrote a series of thesis on how the new industrial robotics may contribute to the human efficiency and make our world even better. I am sharing this with you.

Kind regards,
Vishal Coodye.
Fellow MIT Contributor.

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