furnishing the factory floor with collaborative robots at steelcase

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“Having already deployed several Baxter robots successfully, we’ve seen the value that collaborative robots bring to the factory floor,” said Edward Vander Bilt, leader of innovation at Steelcase, manufacturer of office, hospital and classroom furniture. “These robots are the game-changers of modern manufacturing.”

At their Grand Rapids, MI factory, Sawyer will work in tandem with the company’s welding machine, picking and placing parts in pairs of two, enabling a completely autonomous welding process. The robot’s small footprint, long reach and higher payload capacity make it ideal for the Steelcase team.

“We’ll be implementing Sawyer in areas where it has a highly repetitive or mundane task, to help free up our operators to do more important functions in their work cells,” said Walter Adams, manufacturing engineer at Steelcase.

George Helms, the company’s manufacturing robotics leader added, “We have an older, mature workforce, so what we’ve done is really put robotics and new technology right in their hands, enabling them to see it, touch it, feel it. And then they have a better understanding of how we’re trying to utilize a Baxter or a Sawyer within the workforce.

We don’t want employees to feel the robot is there to take their job away. It’s there to assist them with their job.”

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