cobot recap: davos divided and the collaborative robot explosion

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Cobot Recap: The Davos Divide and Collaborative Robot Explosion
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Smart Robots Divide Opinions in Davos – No surprise. One of the topics debated in Switzerland last week at the World Economic Forum was related to smart robots and whether or not they’ll be helpful or harmful. Some, of course, are fearful of how quickly robots can learn and the potential ramifications of machines becoming smarter than humans. Professor Manuela Veloso of the University of Maryland countered that school of thought when she spoke with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.

“Are we in the business of mistrusting smarter people? I wish there were robots that were smarter than me at investing my money or changing my utility provider. I wish there were robots that could make better decisions than I do. There are so many benefits to having machines that can reason better than our limited ways.”

Get the rest of the story from here.

Collaborative Robots Will Help Human Workers, Not Replace Them – Robots that assist humans are set to explode, not only in manufacturing, but in other areas such as research, healthcare and in the home as well.

“…according to market research firm ABI, the co-bot industry is projected to grow from $95 million in 2015 to $1 billion by 2020. The next-generation designs of these collaborative robots means they are poised to bust out of the confines of manufacturing to assist humans in places like hospitals, research laboratories, offices, homes and warehouses, and for tasks like automated assembly of electronics, packaging, handling materials, organization, inspection and more — all in close proximity to people.”

Be sure to check out the full article on robots as co-workers from The New Stack.

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