collaborative robots make inroads at logistics companies

in rethinking robotics by Jim Lawton

Eighty percent of logistics facilities are still manual due to the complexity of operations (source: Robotics in Logistics) – and this includes the manufacturing production activities such as assembly, fabrication, and packaging often performed by workers employed at warehouse and storage facilities. (source: US Manufacturing: It’s Not your Granddad’s Grubby Factory)

To improve its supply chain efficiencies around the globe, transportation company DHL is trialing Sawyer and Baxter collaborative robots in warehouses across Europe. But, rather than replace workers, the cobots are being implemented to support employees and help improve efficiencies.

Another logistics company that’s using cobots is Praxis Packaging. Using cobots like Sawyer and Baxter give the company the ability to flex its workforce quickly to meet customer demands. It also allows workers, like Anthoni Jachim, to increase their skills.

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