how collaborative robots are enabling the learning organization

in rethinking robotics by Jeff Green

Part one of our video series from Supply Chain Insights Global Summit covers some of the differences between newer collaborative robots and old school industrial robots. Part two touches on what makes a robot collaborative and how it’s basically a PC with arms. Now let’s look at what cobots are capable of, which is much more than tending a machine or performing a simple pick and place task. In addition to taking on dull, dirty and dangerous work, smart, collaborative robots have the ability to learn what an object, or a tool, is and share that information among other robots. Pretty powerful stuff.

“There’s a camera right in the middle of its head and there’s another on its arm. If it sees something that it’s never seen before, it’s sending that information up to the cloud, taking a picture of it and bringing it back down and saying, ‘that is a wrench, this is what you do with it.’ It’s also sharing that data, so if this robot is doing something over here and learns something, it’s sending it up to the cloud and that information is going to a bunch of other robots that are then able to learn and gain insight for how to do what they’re doing, better. For the first time you’ve got the ability to bring together the automation of the cognitive side with the automation of the physical side.” -Jim Lawton, Rethink Robotics’ Chief Product and Marketing Officer

Watch the rest of Jim’s two minute video session above, at the most recent Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. By the way, if you’re interested in attending the next one in September, learn more about the event here. And for more headlines, videos and news about collaborative robots and manufacturing automation, check out the rest of the Rethink Robotics blog or drop by Cobot Central.


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