collaborative robots around the world: spotlight on electronics manufacturing in spain

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P4Q wanted to improve efficiency and quality by bringing automation onto their factory floor. The electronic design and manufacturing company, located in northern Spain, also wanted an automation solution that could operate safely in the same area as people.

P4Q has tapped into the automation power of collaborative robots by deploying a Sawyer cobot at its electronics manufacturing facility in northern Spain.

The manufacturer’s production process includes handling printed circuit boards (PCBs) which require a delicate touch – a job for which traditional industrial robots are not well suited. Smart, collaborative robots, on the other hand, are ideal for working with fragile PCBs. Taking these requirements into consideration, P4Q landed on Sawyer and quickly deployed the cobot within a few hours.

Once P4Q explored collaborative robots as an automation solution for working with printed circuit boards (PCBs), the manufacturer landed on Sawyer, a cobot that's capable of handling delicate parts.

Using Sawyer’s integrated Cognex Vision System, the cobot inspects the PCB and then moves the board into the test station. “This is very critical because we need a lot of precision,” explains Alex Caballero, P4Q Electronics Operations Manager. “With Sawyer, we have a cost-effective solution that improves the consistency of the process, which leads to better part quality and increased productivity.” In fact, P4Q is focused on achieving 100% part quality, and the addition of Sawyer to their factory floor has already resulted in a 25% increase in production throughput.

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