collaborative robot sawyer lights it up at ge in hendersonville, nc

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A prime example of true human-robot collaboration is Sawyer on a production line at a GE Lighting plant in Hendersonville, NC, positioning parts into a light fixture as a GE employee completes the assembly.

“This is a product that customers are buying tens of thousands of to relamp their entire streets and highways,” explained Elliot Fishman, manufacturing engineer at GE Lighting.

“The ability to deploy a smart, collaborative robot like Sawyer provides a significant flexibility advantage to our production team, while still meeting our world class quality, precision and speed standards,” said Kelley Brooks, global advanced manufacturing & engineering leader at GE Lighting. “Utilizing this technology is an integral part of our Brilliant Factory initiative to connect all parts of the supply chain from product design, to engineering, to the factory floor and beyond in order to deliver customized LED solutions for our customers.”

Plant manager David Martin added, “Having a flexible robot that can do different tasks is going to be the key to our success.” Integrating Sawyer into the process improves the efficiency of the product line while allowing GE’s employees to handle the more dexterous and cognitive work needed to complete the task.”

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