cobot recap: take five – top headlines on manufacturing and collaborative robots

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There’s no shortage of news reporting on what’s happening in the world of manufacturing and the collaborative robots that are being used to automate the factories of today and tomorrow. So let’s get right to it with a few of the top, recent headlines.

DHL is testing automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for order picking.

DHL Says it Conducted Successful Test of Collaborative Robot for Order Picking – The basic idea is this: rather than picking into a cart, which becomes progressively heavier as additional orders are selected and placed into it, what is really a form of automated guided vehicle (AGV) follows associates as they progress down DCs aisles, stopping and starting in tandem with the human based on some type of sensor technology. via Supply Chain Digest

Come On, Let’s Give The Robots Hands Already – Today’s workplace robots—like the droids that move stuff around in Amazon warehouses or the robots that weld parts on automobile assembly lines—work in super-clean “structured environments” designed to accommodate their potent but narrow set of capabilities. via Wired

How Technology Is Changing Manufacturing – U.S. manufacturing has seen tough times over the past few decades. But in recent years, the outlook has turned more bullish. Technology is one of the reasons for this resurgence. Through the development of automation, robotics, and advanced manufacturing, the sector has bounced back along with the overall economy. via Brookings Institution

Apple Must Pledge India Manufacturing Before Stores Get Approval – Apple is pushing to increase its presence in India as the country is poised to become the fastest-growing smartphone market in the world and sales slow in the rest of the world. India requires companies to procure at least 30% of their components locally if they want to sell through their own retail stores, with some exceptions. Apple makes most of its products in China and doesn’t currently meet that criteria. via IndustryWeek

Robots On A Mission: Agents Of Change In Manufacturing – Soon, robots will do more. The integration of hardware and software will raise the robots’ ability to understand what needs to be done and execute the physical steps required to make it happen. They will direct activities and equipment in the workcell. They will learn from their work – and the work of robots globally… via Forbes

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