cobot recap: quick read of 5 stories on manufacturing and collaborative robots

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Let’s dig right in to a few of the top, recent headlines covering manufacturing automation and the collaborative robot space. Please note: all of these stories were handpicked by humans. Not a single robot or algorithm was used during the gathering of these headlines.

How Locus Robotics Plans to Build a Successor to Amazon’s Kiva Robots – Locus’ factory robots are designed to work collaboratively with human workers in a warehouse. When a worker sees a robot waiting near a shelf, the worker reads the item needed off a screen, picks the item, and places it on the robot. The robot then drives to the location of the next item. Locus says it’s an efficient system because humans are doing what they’re best at, which is identifying and picking objects off of shelves. via IEEE Spectrum

Collaborative robots on the warehouse floor (photo by Locus Robotics)

Brazilian Automation Goes for Robotic Gold – Government forecasts project that through the employment of manufacturing robots Brazil will significantly boost its automobile production capacity over the next several years, and that by 2020 the nation will manufacture one out of every eight new light vehicles sold in South America. If this forecast proves accurate, Brazil’s automotive sector will further increase its demand for factory robots and robotic applications. via Robotics Business Review

DFJ’s Steve Jurvetson Talks About Investing, Innovation and Robots as Agents of Change – “I believe that technology has the potential to change the fate of nations, industries and companies, as well as the context of our lives. I want to help build the companies that take the risks needed to make those kinds of real changes in the world. The companies we invest in are doing things that extend beyond the moment and will have long-term implications for how we live, work and play.” via Forbes

Ready for the Internet of Robotic Things? – In terms of practical capabilities, IoT technologies, architectures, and standards can be used to provide robotics systems with access to back-end data and compute services in the cloud, input from pervasive, sensored devices in their working environment, and communication with other robotics systems. via ZDNet

Robots Tackle the Three Ds of Industry – Every industry has those dirty, dull, and dangerous tasks that no human desires, but they have to be done. Whether the job entails inspecting hazardous waste sites, surveying enemy grounds in battle, or mundane and repetitive assembly line tasks, many organizations and individual lives are affected and improved by the robots that work in their midst. via Robotiq

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