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Plucked from the inter webs, here are a few interesting headlines to help keep your finger on the pulse of industrial automation and collaborative manufacturing robotics.

Collaborative robots and safety go hand in hand.

Collaborative Robots and Safety Hand In Hand – “People wonder why the eyes on the robot. To us, that’s very important. For people to feel safe around these robots, they need to have a sense of what the robot is going to do next. The eyes on that screen are very critical because they look to the left before the robot moves (reaches its arm) to the left.” -Roland Menassa, GE’s Global Research Automation Center Leader via Robotic Industries Association

Meet Your Robot Colleague: The Advance of Collaborative Robotics – Workplaces where humans labor side by side with robots and other automation systems will become more common in the years ahead, and one of the trends fueling these types of environments is the advancement of collaborative robotics. Among the biggest considerations in the industry is ensuring the safety of the people working alongside robots. via ZDNet

Swarms of Robots Manage to Not Run into Each Other – “As journalists, we don’t really think through the consequences of always wanting more robots, which (if left unchecked) can lead to an unfortunate case of having too many robots. This becomes particularly problematic when you have so many robots that they spend all of their time trying not to run into each other, and none of their time doing anything productive.” Enter a research team from Georgia Tech that’s “teaching robots how to avoid collisions.” via IEEE Spectrum

When Will Robots Become as Common as Smartphones? – “Will Allen, HP Fellow at HP Labs, joins The Robotics Trends Show to discuss why robots are arriving late in our homes and what needs to change to find more than the occasional robot vacuum in the home.” Listen to the podcast to get Allen’s take on “the biggest challenges facing home robots and some of the megatrends that will drive home robot adoption.” via Robotics Trends

Building the Next-Generation Manufacturing Workforce – “Manufacturers must do more than promote the “coolness” of today’s technologies. They need to communicate the educational requirements for succeeding in manufacturing careers, so that students can understand the skills they will need. And with millennials’ desire to make a difference, manufacturers should provide insights into how employees can contribute to the success of the company and customers, as well as participate in any corporate causes.” via IndustryWeek.

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