cobot recap: 5 must-read headlines on manufacturing automation and collaborative robots

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In today’s Cobot Recap, we’ve cast the commentary aside and boiled down hundreds of the most recent hits to the following five headlines and snippets on collaborative robots and manufacturing automation.

Global investment in robotics beginning in 2011, with a surge in 2015.









Rise of the robots is sparking an investment boom – “Patent filings covering robotics technology — one sign of the expected impact [of money flowing into the industry] — have soared. In another sign of the expected boom, venture capital investments more than doubled last year to $587m, according to research firm CB Insights.” –Richard Waters and Tim Bradshaw, Financial Times

North American robotics market records strongest opening quarter ever – “Companies of all sizes are realizing that robots are more affordable than ever before and can help them increase their productivity to remain competitive in today’s global economy.” –Jeff Burnstein, president of Robotic Industries Association (RIA) via Modern Materials Handling

Industrie 4.0 is real and it’s already here – “While clearly a buzzword [at Hannover Messe], Industrie 4.0 was referenced as something quite accepted, as if, like rising global population or the latest smart phone model, everyone simply knew this had been on the horizon for some time, and are now evaluating the best ways to implement for their own operations.” –Chris Harbert, Rethink Robotics

A One Armed Robot Trend – “The world of collaborative robot technology is a diverse one. From a variety of end-of-arm-tooling choices, degrees of motion, payload capacities, safety features, vision capabilities, and mounting options, you can find just about any type of collaborative robot you might be looking for despite the relative newness of the technology. But there is one thing nearly all collaborative robots have in common—one arm.” –David Greenfield, Automation World

Unexpected Support to Robotics in the Supply Chain – “The future of robotics continues to grow and improve supply chains. Although robotics have been around for a long time, their functionality and ability to collaborate will advance. Robots aren’t here to take away jobs and intimidate people, they’re here to streamline processes and eliminate mundane work.” –PLS Logistics Services

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