cobot recap: fast companies, super freaky robots and china on the rise

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A robot with human attributes
Most Innovative Companies of 2016 – We’re honored to be included among Fast Company’s top 50 list and salute all of our fellow innovators. Categories range from healthcare to Hollywood, and of course robotics.

Nobody Wants Social Robots That Look Like Humans Because They Threaten Our Identity – You certainly see all types in the world of robotics. Some appear at home in a factory setting while others look like they’d fit in at a family dinner after having a just a touch of plastic surgery. The key is designing robots that humans feel comfortable with engaging, interacting, working, and operating. See what Evan Ackerman has to say in IEEE Spectrum about “ultra realistic human-like androids.”

Lessons Learned in China: Don’t Fear the Robots – China is aggressively pursuing pole position as a manufacturing powerhouse. But with rising wages and an abundance of unfilled factory roles, automation is key. See what our own Jim Lawton has to say about this in his Forbes column, and for more on this topic check out One to Watch: Made in China 2025.

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