at nc state, robots build robots and graduates build careers

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“The project we’re working on now involves assembling MOSS robots via automation. So we have a station where humans place the part into a pallet that goes into an industrial robot. Then it goes to the first Baxter, which initiates the assembly of the actual robot. And then it goes to a second Baxter, which installs the wheel and initiates the packaging procedure,” explained Ismail Lekorchi, graduate student at NC State’s College of Engineering.

Baxter’s affordable enough to have several of them and allows us to advance our curricular and research efforts in the area of advanced manufacturing,” mentioned Jason Low, NC State lecturer and automation lab manager at the school’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Low added, “Being a state institution, our mission is to supply the best engineers to North Carolina industry.” NC State has had a high rate of success placing students into jobs upon completion of the automation and manufacturing program. Low attributes this to having access to resources such as Baxter.  And experience with automation technology helps set applicants apart from other candidates.

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Android robo November 1, 2017 at 12:18 pm

Automation Technology Experience helps to set applicants apart from other candidates.

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