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Industrial automation can solve labor issues, increase productivity and improve quality. But which manufacturing process should you automate? The industrial applications below make use of Sawyer’s unique cobot features and have been proven to provide a quick return on investment. Check out our Guide to Automatable Tasks to help you get started putting our collaborative robots to work.

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Fast to Deploy

Rethink’s powerful combination of hardware and the Intera software platform, make our robot fast to deploy.

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Embedded Vision

Embedded cameras enable Sawyer to perform complex vision tasks. Or external vision systems can be easily integrated.

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Force Sensing

Torque sensors built in to every joint on Sawyer let you precisely control the amount of force to be applied.

Industry Solutions

Industrial automation is helping manufacturers realize tremendous gains in productivity while reducing costs and improving the ability to compete, while also solving for labor shortages. Our smart, collaborative robots are hard at work in a wide variety of industries across the world.  Electronics, plastics, contract manufacturing, automotive, metal fabrication, consumer goods – to name a few – are all benefiting from our cobots.

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