Why “Rethink” Robotics?

Redefining Automation

From Volume to Flexibility

The manufacturing world is changing. And so are its technology requirements. An industry that once looked to automation to drive volume production is now seeking to gain an edge in flexibility, as labor rates rise and availability falls, while consumer demands constantly change. When it comes to manufacturing trends, you might even say that Flexible is the new Fast.

Up to 90% of manufacturing tasks still can’t be practically automated. But that number is falling steadily. Smart, collaborative robots that adapt to real-world variability, excel in semi-structured environments and change applications quickly have arrived. And they are becoming the solution of choice for companies looking to boost flexibility, efficiency and quality in their operations.

Smart, Collaborative Robots

Our Differences Are Embedded

These days, a lot of companies are calling their robots collaborative. Or intelligent. Or safe. And that’s fine. We love setting trends. But when you look inside our robots and uncover their sophisticated array of built-in technologies – like compliant motion control, vision, AI, embedded control and safety by design – you’ll truly see what makes our smart, collaborative robots unique. Our customers certainly do.

The Future is Open

Making Robotics More Accessible

In addition to their growing popularity in manufacturing, our robots have become an industry standard for safe, affordable, open source platforms for research and education, in environments ranging from corporate R&D departments to classrooms, university labs, technical schools, and more.

Power Up

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In more ways than one, the barriers to robotics are coming down.  And the implications to manufacturing and production, research and education, and society as a whole have never been more exciting.

Rethink Robotics is helping to lead the way toward a future in which robotics are accessible and beneficial to everyone, from the factory floor to the classroom to your living room.  Start your journey today.   Explore our products