Our training and support is second to none. We’re committed to our customers’ success. Just listen to what our customers have to say about the support they’ve received. Rethink Robotics offers a wide range of self-serve and instructor-led training solutions and lets you choose the method that’s best for your business.

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Rethink Training Portal

Our comprehensive customer-only training portal includes self-paced modules with video tutorials, lab exercises, Wiki pages and quizzes you can use anytime, anywhere on your PC, tablet or smart phone.  Just request a login.

Regularly Scheduled Virtual Training

An experienced instructor will guide you through hands-on exercises that are full of best practices, tips and techniques – all delivered online.  Click here to access our latest class schedule, and email us to register for a session.

Application-Specific Virtual Training

We offer customized, advanced training sessions designed to help you create the best solution for your business and optimize deployment efficiency.  Contact us to schedule a session.

General Training Videos

We regularly post some of our most requested training content on our public YouTube channel.  Featuring a wide range of best practices, our Baxter University and Sawyer University pages are great learning tools.

Customer Support

Our manufacturing customer wiki is designed for users of the Intera software platform.  It includes plenty of useful tools (including warranty information, access to technical support, a searchable knowledge base and much more) so that you can get the most out of your robot.  Customers can also email support@rethinkrobotics.com or call 866-704-7400 for support.

Enter the Manufacturing Wiki

Our research and education customer wiki is designed for users of the SDK software platform and is loaded with tips, documentation, and access to our user forum, unveiling how other customers around the world are using this platform to their advantage.  Customers can also email support@rethinkrobotics.com or call 866-704-7400 for support.

Enter the Research Robot Wiki