Collaborative Robots

In 2012, Rethink Robotics ushered in the new age of collaborative robots, with the introduction of Baxter. Before Baxter, people and robots did not work side by side. Manufacturing robots were kept behind cages, programmed by highly paid specialists, and were purchased for a single purpose only. Rethink changed all of that.

Collaborative robots are safe to be around, require a much smaller footprint, and are inexpensive enough to provide a rapid return on investment. They are the solution of choice for manufacturers looking to boost productivity and quality in their operations. An industry that once looked to automation for volume production is now seeking flexibility, as labor rates rise, consumer demands constantly change, and companies compete in a global market.

The Rethink Difference

A lot of companies call their robots collaborative. But our smart, collaborative robots, Baxter and Sawyer, offer a different approach to automation. Powered by Intera, our powerful software that makes our robots the easiest to train and fastest to deploy in the industry, Rethink is redefining factory automation.

Flexible & Redeployable

In today’s manufacturing world, flexibility is critical. Our smart, collaborative robots are ideal for environments with frequent line turnover, inconsistent part presentation and customer order variability. Our Intera software features the Robot Positioning System for dynamic re-orientation, so they can be easily redeployed.

Embedded Vision

Our robots may have eyes, but it’s the embedded cameras that give them their vision. With no additional hardware, software or integration costs, the robot can identify parts and pick them much like a human, reducing the high cost of fixturing for part presentation.

Force Sensitivity

Leveraging our patented series elastic actuators, the robots precisely set the amount of force required, or respond to a specific force, allowing them to make adaptive decisions while running a task. This innovation dramatically speeds up user training and robot deployment.

Safety, by Design

Our robots were built from the start to work safely next to people, without caging. In addition to being power and force limited, series elastic actuators on each joint minimize contact force. Their mechanical design and human-like cadence inherently reduce risk.

7 Degrees of Freedom

Like a human arm, our collaborative robots have 7 degrees of freedom, allowing them to maneuver around obstacles, into tight spaces and function in work cells that are developed for people. This reduces workcell reconfiguration, and ultimately saves time and money.

Service & Support

While some robotics companies simply sell the technology, we’re partnering with manufacturers to build the vision of their factories of the future through smart, collaborative robots. For all of us at Rethink Robotics, our customers’ success is priority number one.