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Educating and Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

At Rethink Robotics, we believe strongly in the ideal of empowering the next generation with tomorrow’s technologies.  Whether it’s in the lab or the classroom, we’re helping to develop tools to further exceptional research and education around the world.

We are dedicated to educators who support STEM initiatives, and academic institutions teaching manufacturing skills, and researchers in pursuit of innovation, or in search of The Next Big Thing.  Simply put, we love this stuff.

Our Robots

Put Your Work First

For decades, researchers and educators were forced to choose between cost, safety, functionality, and ease of use. Rethink changed all that – becoming the first and only robot company to support the future workforce through research and education initiatives.

Baxter Research Robots


What Can You Do With Baxter?


Customize your research. Publish faster.

Hundreds of whitepapers have been published using Baxter.  Researchers get Baxter up and running within a day, and using Baxter’s open source SDK and sensing capabilities, can quickly get started on research in human robot interaction, computer vision, machine learning,  AI, motion planning, mechatronics, and more.

Engineering Education

Provide the best. Get the best.

Want to boost academic achievement and student enrollment in engineering, computer science, and robotics programs? Project-based learning comes alive with Baxter. Teach the concepts of coding, robotics, and engineering – then watch as students hone their skills and master designing real-world applications for Baxter.

Manufacturing Skills

Career readiness in the classroom.

Help get students ready for the factories of the future, developing manufacturing applications and effective production work cells.  Baxter encourages students to think creatively about automation in a changing world.  From the classroom to factory floor, there is one proven automation solution:  Baxter.

Community Resources

Learn From Your Peers, Share Your Discoveries

Research Community Forum

Join the Baxter Robot Community Forum and participate with other Baxter users to share tips, best practices and results.

Baxter SDK Wiki

Access the latest information on software releases, documentation and many other important resources.

Grant Proposal Starter Kit

Need help filling out a research grant or budget proposal for Baxter?  Download our Grant Proposal Starter Kit to get started.

Baxter Goes to School

A small sample of universities using Baxter today

Full color logo for Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Full color logo for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Full color logo for the University of Bristol