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Meet Baxter, the robot with common sense

Hear that? It’s the sound of a paradigm shift.

Baxter, our flagship product for manufacturing, and our new Baxter Research Robot for research environments, are changing the definition of what robots are capable of. Instead of being dangerous, expensive and difficult to work with, our robots are safe, affordable and simple to use. As a result, Baxter and Baxter Research Robot are showing up in places you’d never expect to see a robot.


No safety cages needed. Trainable by line workers through manual demonstration. No costly integration required. It’s no wonder the world’s first collaborative robot for manufacturing is showing up in a wide range of plants and industries across the U.S. read more

baxter-research-thumbBaxter Research Robot

Now accepting applications for the Next Big Thing. For researchers in academic and corporate R&D environments in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and Hong Kong (learn more). Baxter Research Robot features a ROS-based platform and an open source Software Development Kit. It’s a safe, affordable, robust platform for innovation. And it won’t steal the last slice of pepperoni & mushroom. read more


Whether you need a specific type of gripper, are looking to protect your investment with a long-term warranty, or just want to put Baxter on a pedestal, we have all the accessories you’ll need. read more